Welcome to !!! is a private, collaborative company and site in the business of self-diagnostic tools, techniques and references for education, training, knowledge, tools, techniques and collaborators for the SME (small and medium enterprise).

With the Excel software ProMaxScore Self-Diagnostic Operations SME, the user gets not only an overall score (percentage) of his company operations, but also a score on each of its 6 sectors and 145 criteria to help identify weaknesses and opportunities and find possible solutions. A very initial inexpensive tool that saves hours and thousands of DOLLARS.


The headquarters are located in the region of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. But our network of collaborators and partners will grow gradually and as in most areas of the world.


It is our passion to education, management and experience for more than 40 years for some of our partners that can help SMEs to achieve its objectives. Me I am a proud facilitator – group resources.
We want the largest continuous success to all our clients, collaborators, managers. We aim to support you as best we can during your business stay.


Samuel Cardin
President, Executive Director, Promaxscore

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