Self-Diagnostic has a focus on quality, simplicity and a qualitative and quantitative method of assessing your business – a real good track record of the business health of your enterprise. We believe that the power of management is met when they know exactly what is happening in the company, and subsequently be able to consider possible solutions.


Thus using a collaborative method with teachings and collaborators / facilitators on an ongoing basis, creates in itself an environment that is pleasant, profitable, equitable, communicative and ethical.





Like any good business manager, it is important to know the company covering at least 6 sectors, representing up to 145 evaluation criteria:


The mission of Promaxscore team is to enable each enterprise SME, to have tools and information relevant and suitable for good management and profitability.


Even if only one criterion amongst 145 makes a major impact on your operations, would you not say that we manage to contribute to your success and that of the community.

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