We might be able to assist you depending on the need.  Although we encourage emails, we nevertheless are building a list of local partners you could refer to to assist you with your business needs.




On our services, products, partners, seminars, courses, training, conferences, etc.

– Search the site first
– Look at the Q&A
– By email preferably (please fill the questionnaire beforehand – in the Contact section)
– See Contact section
– By telephone – See Contact section (for technical assistance with regards to your business, there are fees. Please look at the section Store)



For technical assistance to use the software and technical questions


– Read the instructions – free
– Phone service  – Min. $50 USD per 20 minutes – by appointment in email.  See Store section
– By email – Q&A – $50 USD per 20 minutes – See Store section
– In person – We are developing a list of references in most geographical areas. Look at the contact section.


Special software adaptation to your needs

– Contact us by email – please fill the questionnaire first.  It saves us time and money. See section Contact

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